Gen X Vs Millenials


Millenials are the new Gen-X. It’s all the same.

You can’t turn on your computer these days and not hear about Millenials. It’s human nature to want to make sense of things. An easy way is to put things into categories. It’s neat, it’s easily understood, it’s easier to explain. The problem is that most often it’s completely wrong. …

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SEO myths with Ahmed – Part 3

Most SEO agencies and professionals love to say that “Search engine optimisation techniques are too complicated to explain”, and CEOs deal with SEO related activities as if it’s rocket science, even when they are reviewing strategies and/or reports. Here’s the fact: SEO is the process of applying the best practise that …

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Introduction to Nouran, our newest digital marketing executive

“I want to live jobless and broke forever” said no one ever, and let’s be honest; that’s the reason why we all went to get a degree and a job. So I decided to follow my father’s footsteps, and so far, 2016 has been very big for me. I graduated, kissed …