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Candy or not Candy, is it really the question?

I recently started hating the ads the come up before the videos on youtube. There’s been a recent trend on youtube where every video you want to watch begins with an ad. I get really irritated with this, and was about to setup an automatic block, when I saw an …

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A Tonic lunch on Dubai Eye radio

It was a while back and we’ve been so busy we completely forgot to talk about this. Tonic was well represented on Dubai Eyed during the 120 Show on 11 October 2012. Siobhan Leyden and Carlo dei Tedeschi invited Anne Jafery, a serial entrepreneur, and Arnaud Verchère founder of Tonic International …

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Tonic Dubai

The gift that keeps on giving

  The festive season is fast approaching and I was starting to write up my list of gifts for family and friends.  This is now sorted thanks to OxFam. Oxfam Unwrapped offers a range of more than 40 totally unexpected and funny gift ideas that will also help transform the …