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The Largest Audi Dealership in the World

This week saw the launch of the super cool Audi new car showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road.  It is so big that it is actually called a terminal.  Audi Middle East congratulated Al Nabooda on the opening with the above print ad. The opening event was hosted by the pop …

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Tonic Dubai

M.S. Kotait in The Hot Seat

    In this week’s edition of Campaign Middle East, our very own M.S. is sitting in the hot seat.  Read all about what he would save if the world ends and what he would do with if he had a trained monkey…  

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Do you love or loathe the world’s favourite font?

Years ago I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt with the words “Comic Sans must die”. Designers the world over will agree, but another font that is as popular as it was more than fifty years ago, is trusty Helvetica. In fact, it is the most widely used font ever …