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Faris Yakob does it again. Being inspiring that is!

I have a confession to make. Like most planners I know I have a crush on Faris Yakob. If you don’t know him, Faris Yakob is MDC Partners Chief Innovation Officer. His blog is a must read for anyone interested to see where our business is likely to go. For …

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Milwaukee Police’s arresting new brand

“Put your hands in the air and give me all your money.” If only it was that simple to win customer loyalty, but these days even public service institutions are realising that if they are going to be successful, they need to win the support of their audience and not …

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A Chocolate Frenzy

A good friend of Tonic’s delivered several boxes of Lindt Swiss chocolates, and when I say boxes, I mean BIG boxes.  Check out some of the photos of how we enjoyed this chocolate treat … or should I say “chocolate frenzy”.