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Stanley the Piano

Yes that’s right – introducing Stanley the Piano, the world’s first interactive player piano.  Watch how it done here. He takes his song requests via Twitter and will be streaming live during Seattle’s Capitol Hill Block Party on 20 – 22 July 2012. Tweet your song or message to @StanleyPiano. …

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The London Games?

As Olympic fever takes over us in the next 2 weeks, non-Olympic sponsors are pushing the limits of strict rules for ad campaigns, designed to steal the limelight from companies that have paid millions to be associated with the 2012 Games. Nike has launched a global TV campaign that coincided …

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The Emirates Media Measurement Company (EMMC) has announced that the UAE’s long-awaited television audience measurement system or people-meters is ready to be deployed to broadcasters and advertisers in the UAE, and our branding team has just finished with the identity development. This included naming, identity creation and activation across corporate …