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Before and After, First or Last

In Tonic, we believe that when pitching we should always be the first or last to present. What we usually mean is that we would rather be the last. Well, last week, we went first. We made it count. We made sure to raise the bar as high as possible. But …

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Tonic Dubai

Decoy cocks, shiny lions and a tweeting bird

Starting with the menagerie, we have bugs, real crawly nasty ones, the famous tweeting bird changes its plumage, decoy cocks, and a whole bunch of shiny lions. We also have the reassuring truth about food photography, heart-warming Dads, and simple stress-relieving tips. VW Bug Run An online beetle race for VW. Real bugs, real bets, real racing. Great way to waste a bit more …

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Another one bites the dust… what’s up with young girls lured by the Yankees

Maybe it’s the 4th of July that made me think about it, but what is it with the US that attracts all our young talent? After Sally, it’s Vida’s (our favourite Iranian designer) time to leave to study in the US. I know it’s great for them, and I do …