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Interactive catalogue extreme

[vimeo] There are product catalogues. And then there are innovative ways of presenting said catalogues. falls firmly into the latter category. And what an execution! If anyone could have done this without making it seem trite, it had to be IKEA. They already excel at amazing displays in …


Contemporary Qur’an Design

” When Qur’an was revealed to prophet Muhammad (PBUH), there was this transition from heaven to earth, from majesty to beauty, from contraction to expansion; from being settled up in heaven to spreading down on earth. The journey or transition didn’t stop by the revelation on earth. The journey continued …

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Control Slot Cars with the Power of Your Mind?

Mind Scalextrics is an R&D project developed at B-Reel that combines latest technologies and lets people race together using their minds. The idea is simple, what if you could control slot cars with the power of your mind?