Contemporary Qur’an Design

” When Qur’an was revealed to prophet Muhammad (PBUH), there was this transition from heaven to earth, from majesty to beauty, from contraction to expansion; from being settled up in heaven to spreading down on earth. The journey or transition didn’t stop by the revelation on earth. The journey continued …

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Re-imagining integrated communication

A couple of weeks ago, the Guardian sprung an innovative television commercial upon us which imagined how the modern day media might cover the story of the three little pigs in print and online. Take a look at this ad, not merely to see how media – especially social media …

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U.S. Lawmakers Consider Facebook Post Mortem Law

What happens to your social networking presence after you die? Who does the online you belong to when you pass away? These are pressing issues being deliberated by at least two U.S. states this week as more and more pressure is being applied to social networking platforms like Facebook to …