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Ramadan acts as ‘Super Bowl for adverts’ in the Middle East

This article was originally published on, By Daisy Carrington, on July 29, 2013.

Khaled Gadallah, our Executive Creative Director voices his opinion about the state of advertising and media consumption during Ramadan.



“For those that live and work in the Middle East, Ramadan is a period of considerable downtime. In many countries, special laws require the working day is reduced to accommodate those fasting (observers are meant to abstain from food, water, cigarettes — even gossip — during the daylight hours of the month-long holiday).

As a result, TV consumption goes up, and with it, TV advertising budgets.

“It’s like the Super Bowl and Christmas combined, only instead of one week or ten days, it lasts all month,” explains Khaled Gadallah, the managing partner at Dubai-based advertising firm Tonic International.”

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