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Scary Vegetables

I just got hold of some new printing pulls from the creatives. It’s definitely a fresh take on the sleepy child nutrition category. We have been working with Wyeth for a while now and we have enjoyed a tremendous development from where we started. It’s a great satisfaction for me to show work that just doesn’t want to be mommy cute and baby pink but actually has an idea with a sense of humor. If you remember being a kid you can relate to this. Having kids myself I know that convincing them of that neon green Broccoli on that plate is a friendly and really delicious friend is not going to fly, unless I have some really polished convincement skills that day or a liter of Heinz ketchup around. It’s a great insight and the team have done a great job with the art direction. We shot this with photographer Tommy Morris who has been a great supporter of TONIC and we hope to see more of his work together with ours.