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The only change to fear is the fear of change itself

It’s back. This time a look at what separates the US from the UK, how analog printing makes digital communication look fantastic, why Apple is suing Samsung, how Google is taking on Groupon, why robots are not as dangerous as once feared, a really useful search engine, and the fundamental difference between hungry and guarded consumers… Phew!

Nothing is ever cast in stone, nor in 0s and 1s. Sometimes it is, sometimes, … well it isn’t. It’s what keeps us on our toes and makes our business so interesting.

It’s all about the digital, all about Apple, all about standardization of language, and the power of Groupon. It’s all about Google and Terminator will always be back. It’s all about the guarded. Or is it? It could very well be about old analog tech, about Samsung, quaint words, and the power of Google, or not, The Terminator staying put and all about the hungry.

In this issue of our 7Things this week, we reevaluate the things we usually take for granted.

Please don’t whinge, you gormless!

Merriam-Webster, a dictionary of American English, contains a range of words rarely heard outside Britain. Here are our favourites. >>DISCOVER

Stone age printing for Æsir

It’s refreshing in this age of digital technology when a mobile phone company decides to go stone age to produce its high-end prints. >>LEARN

Apple sues Samsung Electronics

For once Apple is the one suing for copyright infringement. Apple has sued Samsung for copying “the look & feel” of its iPad and iPhone. >>READ

Google answers to Groupon

We heard it was coming, and so it is – Google has unveiled Google Offers, its answer to Groupon. >>WATCH

The state of our robot overlords, on the day Skynet becomes self-aware

For all Terminator fans out there, you probably did not forget that April 19th 2011, was the day the Skynet missile defense system was supposed to go online, declare war on mankind, and trigger a nuclear apocalypse two days later.

Bearing this in mind, here’s a sample of the cutting edge tech of our real robot overlords. You may be forgiven for thinking we have nothing to fear. But wait ’til the last one… >>READ

MOAT: A search engine for ads, how we read them online and so much more

Until recently there hasn’t been a very good way to find out which ads are running across the Internet. Search engines like Google index the underlying web pages, and strip out the display ads.  But if you want to know what display ads are running, you could click the refresh button on a bunch of big sites a few dozen times, or you can go to Moat, a search engine for display ads. >>DISCOVER