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The Impact of A/B Testing on Business Decisions

In the digital era, most marketers understand the impact of A/B testing and how it drives business decisions. Cut back to 1990 – print ads, radio announcements and magazine ads – marketers pushing out campaigns didn’t have the chance to successfully test them the way we do now. And this …

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Islamuddin Amiri visits Tonic

Yesterday, whilst Islamuddin Amiri  was on his holiday in Dubai, he popped in for a visit to the Tonic offices to talk about the many up and coming projects that he will be involved in this year.  It was great to see and catch up with him, as he is very …

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The Effects Of Sound

We all know the feeling when we hear our favourite song. The power it has to elevate our mood with in the first few beats or chords. Music isn’t the only sound that affects us. Sound from the world around us also makes a huge impact on our productivity, especially …