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#TimeToPlayBall is coolest cat food ad ever.

Temptation Tumblers’ new advert proves that pet food commercials can be awesome.

Temptation TumblersContinuing our theme on spoof ads, US-based cat treat producers Mars’ new advert for Temptation Tumblers has taken pet treat ads to a whole new level. It pokes fun at the millions spent by the likes of Beats by Dre, Nike and Adidas with this awesome ad.

This summer saw our screens bloated with football (Real football, not that American “hand egg” sport) related ads. We have become accustomed to the dark and gritty, sweat-drenched athletes in gym gear, pushing their bodies to the limit, shaky hand cams and a mix of high frame rates and out-of-focus slow motion shots.

Set to the bass busting Swedish synthpop artist Elliphant  – Revolution, this ad combines our love of super fit humans and fluffy cats.


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Submitted by Sari Tuqan