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TONIC After Dark

TONIC Events have been changing the Dubai party scene this last two weeks.
We have been running from one event to the other which has left little time to update this blogg, but we promise to keep you updated more often now. We kicked it of at the Park Hyatt Dubai Terrace with our feature club STIRR™ just two weeks ago together with the Middle Eastern launch of Goldfish. David Poole and Dominic Peters are the Jazz musician-DJ-beat-freak-sonic surgeons behind Cape Towns Electro-Jazz sensation GOLDFISH. In two short years Goldfish have indelibly stamped their mark on electronic music and they have been hailed as the Re-invention of the DJ.

Both accomplished Multi-instrumentalists and Jazz musicians in their own right, Dave and Dom have taken their grounding in Jazz and broken boundaries on the dance floor combining Samplers, Saxophones, a Groove box, Keyboards, Vocoder, Electric Double Bass, Flute and effect units into a spur-of-the moment, cutting-edge live remix performance. When performing live, they are DJs so to speak, but with no predestined CD or Vinyl. Everything is created live, allowing a completely unique, spontaneous performance at every show. You can experience their music at

GOLDFISH was a total success and more than 500 hundred music loving people enjoyed the show. STIRR™ is changing the music scene in Dubai and the Park Hyatt Terrace is starting to shape up as a vivid music and lounge scene. Your’e welcome to join us every Friday and Saturday from Sundown and on.

This is a series of events that we are currently doing for our client Diageo and African and Eastern. More will come and if you would like to know about them in the future drop us a mail and we will make sure you get invited. Cheers.

Casino Royale at the 400
Two nights ago the Dubai society saw a new club emerge. The hipper exclusive 400 at the Fairmont is surely going to raise some eyebrows on the club scene. We kickstarted their reputation with the premier party of the new 007 Casino Royale. EVERYONE was there and we gave them one night to remember. Smirnoff was hosting and everyone got a good taste of partying that night.

The TONIC event team worked for more than a month for this special night including dancers, models,magicians, luxury gifts, brand new Aston Martins displayed and some amazing vodka drinks that got everyone seeing double the fun.

Once again, if you fell missed out on our events and think your persona can give it an extra touch, please contact us and we will make sure your’e there the next time…