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Tonic Training Goes Viral (maybe)

Most Tonicians have been very busy improving their skills in recent weeks.

We’ve had rounds of brand inductions, agency rounds across all teams, digital training, team building exercises, and are in the middle of a 3-week improvisation training.

The training so far has been a real success. It takes place in a theatre not far from our agency: The Courtyard Playhouse.

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The three groups who participate are learning how to think faster on their feet, be better team players, and overall have a lot of fun.

Early next month this will culminate as an agency party where all the participants will compete on stage to see who is the best improvisator of them all.

In the meantime, we’ve already enjoyed some success. One of the team’s improvisation was so good that the trainer couldn’t help posting them on YouTube.

In this  “Agreement Game” everything that is proposed is emphatically approved. The theme was to create a new product, along with a brand name, jingle, slogan… Enjoy:

Who knows, maybe they’ll be the next internet sensation.
This would definitely beat your average public speaking seminar.