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The first post of the year is a little experiment that has been going on at the Agency for more than a week now. We asked everyone to put on a world map where they were born with a RED PIN. Later the same put a color pin where everyone had visited. And last we asked to mark where we have a TONIC friend (BLACK PIN) that we currently or previously have worked with. A week later the outcome was the following:

– Out of 21 red pins 12 are from different countries.
– TONIC has visited more than 120 countries!
– We have more than 30 TONIC friends around the world!

Cape town where the Southern most city visited. Greenland where the Northern most. Hawaii came as the Western most city and French Polynesia as the Eastern most place visited. So of the world’s 202 sovereign states we have seen 60% of the world.

Please click on the world image to see in detail all the places TONIC has been visiting.