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Tonic/Wyeth Golf Day

Some people think it’s crazy chasing after a little white ball in temperatures of 40+, but when your client challenges you to a game of golf, you just don’t say no, even though there are only two people in the entire agency that actually own clubs yet alone know how to use them. I happen to be one of them, Fionn the other and both of us haven’t hit a ball in years. As Obi One would say, entertaining very it will be.

We arrive at The Montgomery and after sneaking a few practice shots at the driving range, we jumped into our air-conditioned, GPS enabled, cooler box carrying golf cart and nervously headed for the first tee. After a shaky start, we weren’t playing too badly until Fionn noticed he was a few clubs short. Other players behind kept on driving up to us to return the clubs and by the end of the day, I think Fionn owed the entire club a round of drinks.

The day was truly entertaining and educational, as you’ll see in the attached video. Paul and Trevor from the Wyeth team had a lot of good tips on how to improve our swing, how to drink a beer and drive a golf cart at the same time and how administer first aid on bleeding blisters. One little known technique they showed us, was how to “prune the hedges”, a swing you would normally use if you happen to find yourself in a bougainvillea or grassy shrub. Thankfully we never had to use it, although a swimming costume and a mask would’ve come in handy for both Fionn and I.

Once the scores were totaled, Wyeth took a narrow victory, a well deserved win, considering they were the client and all ;). Anyway, we’ll take them when we go bowling next week. Stay tuned.