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Women’s Lunchbox: Social Media

Being a women in business here in the Middle East I get my fair share women only events, the invitation itself is usually in various shades of pink and often shoes and handbags are woven into the design.  This usually puts me off immediately.


But last week I received an invite that was to a The Woman’s Lunchbox and no shades of pink, shoes or handbags were to be found.  The topic also intrigued me; Social Media: Return on Investment.

I can’t say that I learnt anything new from today’s session, but what I liked most about this talk was the bringing together of such diverse and great minds in one panel and hearing how important social media is for them in their business.

Akanksha Goel, Executive Director at Socialize really had her finger on the pulse and has done some great work for clients here in the region.

Gail Potter gave her experiences as Content Manager at in various countries here in the Middle East.

From the client side Mahitab Hamed shared her knowledge from her role as  Marketing Manager for Freisland Campina Middle East managing several brands.

Saba Wahid who is highly active in social media with her own blog site Culinary Delights.

And from another perspective, Aisha Ali from Dubai School of Government’s Communications and External Affairs.

With social media growing at a rate of 160% here in the Middle East (the biggest growth rate in the world) in English and Arabic, we can not ignore it.  It is not just for the younger generation and certainly is not just a fad.

I am looking forward to the next Woman’s Lunchbox event (as long as there is no pink in the invite).