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Yas Waterworld whets our appetite

This week we offer you a rare behind-the-scenes look of Yas Waterworld, Abu Dhabi – the newest and coolest waterpark to splash onto the UAE recreation scene.

Since winning the communication and branding account for Yas Waterworld in March this year, we’ve been working hard to translate the renderings and drawings of the park into exciting marketing material. But only yesterday we got to see the real deal. We exchanged our thinking caps and designer shoes for hard hats and safety boots.

Ryan Watkins, Marketing Manager at Yas Waterworld, served as our Chief Tour Guide and took us on a 90-minute site visit. The park is scheduled to open later this year and 3,000 workers are working daily to get things ready.

Top rides in the Middle East and the world Many of the rides and slides at Yas Waterworld are the first or biggest in the Middle East, while some of them have never been seen anywhere else in the world. From white-knuckle adrenaline boosters to laidback attractions, there is something for everyone.

We were impressed by the drawings before, but experiencing the sights in real life really put things in perspective. Massive water tunnels crisscross the landscape, wrestling each other for top position. The mammoth funnel of the Dawwama is no less imposing. It has instilled some fear in our feebler team members: the water-drinking giant is a gaping whole on the landscape ready to chug screaming visitors down its thirsty throat.

More than rides Something else that has struck us about the park is the variety that will be on offer once it’s ready. The water junkies among us can’t wait to get our fill of the coolest rides in the region, while the rest of us are looking forward to spending some time at the air-conditioned cabanas, souk and food outlets.

Our site visit left us so charged about the park that we’ve already volunteered to test the rides once construction is complete and the water is flowing.

Check out the photos below for a sneak peak of the excitement that awaits visitors at Yas Waterworld.